How It Works

Manually managing your marketing data makes it difficult to act on leads quickly.

Equilibrium Consulting has made the process much more simple. Our application connects external applications to the primary CRM, converging your data in one unique place and allowing you to act on leads quickly, saving you 5 days each month of the time by giving immediate prospect information.

connectmyPSA is a subscription-based cloud-based application.  Once the subscription is validated, connections are made to ConnectWise, Constant Contact, and/or MailChimp API’s.  From there it is a few clicks to select your lists or campaigns and set a schedule.

Once the list sync is set up, you simply add new contacts to a group inside ConnectWise and it will sync on the schedule you set up – it’s that simple, Just keep adding the names to your groups!  It’s very similar to a campaign, all sends, opens, and links clicked will appear in the campaign monitor inside ConnectWise.

The key for all of these critical data points is you click, set a schedule and the system does the rest. A simple interface allows for your team to get back to meeting sales/marketing goals instead of wasting time managing lists or manually entering campaign info into ConnectWise.

It is proved to increase conversion rates by up to 50%!

A Powerful Sales Tool

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