connectmyPSA – WEB

Integrate your web forms to ConnectWise Tickets and Marketing Campaigns with just a few clicks.


Why connectmyPSA – WEB

Why use connectmyPSA WEB – it’s simple!

save time and provide leads directly to your reps, track the lead to a campaign and measure ROI of web submissions

Seemless Connections

connectmyPSA for ConnectWise has a simple and intuitive to use interface for your marketing team to easily map your current or new forms to fields within ConnectWise. Implementing a connectmyPSA form will allow for a Company, Contact, Opportunity, Activity and Ticket from the submission of a contact form on website.

Examples are a contact/lead capture form or support form. Common use of the plugin with a lead capture form would be for the plugin to create a Company, Contact and Opportunity in ConnectWise. The true beauty of the plugin is that it is completely open ended, you can map various fields associated in a ConnectWise’s Company, Contact, Ticket APIs.